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family relocation to london

London is an exciting place for families, but planning a move to London with your family carries a unique set of challenges. You could make a valiant attempt to accomplish this feat on your own, but be aware that relocating to London with your family in tow can quickly dissolve into a scenario of barely controlled chaos.

Or you can contact the seasoned London relocation experts at Move Me 2 London. We have helped dozens of families to have a very successful move and settle happily into their new home in London—and we can do the same for you.

We’ll help you find a flat or house that fits the needs of every member of your family. We will also make sure you’re in a neighborhood that has everything you need, including:

  • First-rate schools
  • Proximity to work
  • Excellent shopping
  • Recreation opportunities
  • Transportation and parking
  • A family oriented lifestyle

We will take the time to learn about the needs and preferences of each family member. We will also discuss your requirements regarding budget, educational facilities, transportation to work, child care, and any other needs unique to your family.

On viewing day, we’ll show you all the properties that best suit your needs, and will help you make the best selection for your entire family.

Once you’ve found your perfect London home, in the ideal neighborhood, we will negotiate with the landlord or leasing agency to get you the best possible price.

We will also help you get utilities started, open a UK bank account, and basically stick with you every step of the way to make sure your entire family has a stress-free, enjoyable moving experience.

Contact us today and let us make your family’s move to London a happy one.

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