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professional relocation to london

If you’re moving to London for career reasons, we understand your needs for a seamless and stress-free transition. We’ll put all our resources to work to ensure that you find the ideal London residence in as little as a single day.

Here is what we provide:

  • A complete evaluation of your needs
  • A tour of the best residences for you
  • Assistance with setting up your utilities
  • Help in opening a bank account in London
  • Lease negotiation to ensure you get the best terms


We also realise that you’ll want to do more than just work in London. That is why we also consider your lifestyle and recreation preferences when selecting the ideal properties for you. We will take into account factors such as:

  • Proximity to your workplace
  • Dining, shopping and entertainment
  • Your travel and transportation needs
  • Any other needs or preferences you have

A move to London—even when it’s for work—can be very exciting. You might even find it life-changing. And we’re here to give you the best start possible. So contact us today! We will be happy to answer any questions you have about moving to London.

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